Students in Grades 5-8 Summer CCD and Family Centered CCD will be required to attend three (3) Jr. SKY sessions of their choosing throughout the 2016 - 2017 year OR alternatively, complete three (3) service projects with corresponding write-ups (details below). Jr. SKY is our middle school youth ministry program and meets twice a month, with a mix of social, service and catechetical events. Meetings begin with dinner before the main events; friends always welcome to join in.

Jr. SKY begins on Saturday, September 10, 2016 with our opening bonfire event (time TBA). A full schedule of activities will be posted online in August; for a list of planned meeting dates, please click here. For those in the Family Centered Program a list will also be in your packets when you pick up your textbooks/material.

To be a part of the youth ministry CORE adult team, email Jo at


Alternative options for fulfilling your Jr. SKY requirements:

You may substitute religious events or service activities in place of your Jr. SKY required sessions. Ideas include: attending a Passion Play, visiting a Basilica or attending a religious concert (examples of religious events) OR volunteering at a food bank, collecting items for donation from your neighbors, visiting a nursing home, making fleece blankets (examples of service projects) – each can count as a substitution for a Jr. SKY event.

When your youth has completed their alternative activity, they will need to email a paragraph reflection to Jo at with a summary of what was done, what they thought of it, and how it relates to their faith life. Once that is received, you will receive an email confirmation that the event has been recorded.

Additional Information

  • No write-ups are required for those who attend the group activities planned through Jr. SKY. All events through Jr. SKY count towards your required three (3) sessions. This includes social events, regular meeting nights and also our monthly St. John’s Bingo service project. Attendance is taken at these sessions and is recorded to track your participation.
  • All events beginning July 1st count for the upcoming year. Early registration in the Family Centered Program helps us to track your activities accurately. Please email Jo Scheller to confirm all summer activities completed during the summer months have been recorded.

PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE IN Jr. SKY is required. This is a large and active group; a separate emergency/registration form is used during all meetings. This is in addition to registering for your CCD/Faith Formation Program.

Please complete this form online at