In th Fall of 2013, Saint Kilian Parish, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Saint Kilian Council) and the Knights of Columbus (Saint Kilian Conference) opened the doors to the Kilian Cupboard as an outreach to the community and as a direct response to Pope Francis's exhortation to "go out into the margins."

This ministry is not in any way a fundraising effort or a means to increase the parish community and consists of Fellowship Dinners and a Food Pantry Service. This project also provides direct community service opportunities for families, parishioners and other local individuals looking for a way to help their immediate community.

The operation of the Food Pantry and the Fellowship Dinners operate under separate organizational structures and work forces.  While they often take place on the same evening (and in the rectory and Parish Hall), they are separate aspects of the outreach ministry of The Kilian Cupboard. These services are provided to anyone who may benefit from them. There are no "strings" (such as mandatory prayers, Bible readings during meals, etc.) - any evangelization will be Spirit-filled outgrowth from the service itself.

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The Kilian Cupboard is a ministry and outreach of Saint Kilian Parish, Saint Vincent De Paul (Saint Kilian Conference)
and the Knights of Columbus (Saint Kilian Council).

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