Construction Status

July, 2016

Father Bober has returned to the rectory adjacent to the new church and as such, the webcam which operated from the rectory window has been retired. Construction is nearing a close as we expect significant completion by late August.

September, 2015 - July 2016: Live Construction Cam
Our live, construction webcam is now streaming!

June 24, 2015
Bishop Zubik informed Saint Kilian Parish that permission for construction has been granted by the Vatican.  We are now clear for construction of our new church. Bishop Zubik will be with us to celebrate the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday, July 4 in the Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic auditorium.  Following the Mass, all are invited to the site of the new church (at the bottom parking lots behind the Saint Kilian Parish Center) where Bishop Zubik will celebrate a brief site blessing and groundbreaking ceremony. Light refreshments will follow at the site (click here for your invitation).

June 4, 2015
Cranberry Township's Board of Supervisors gave Saint Kilian their official blessing to a lot line consolidation to add a rectory building to our property, along with final approval on land development plans for construction of our new 29,255 square foot church building and a 5,217 maintenance building on our 32-acre property.

Blueprints now available:

May, 2015

We have received virtually all the municipal approvals we needed (PA and Cranberry Township). Our plans were continually and thoroughly reviewed by the Diocesan Building Commission over at least seven formal meetings. Their approval was an important first step.  The Diocesan Finance Council provided an additional review and they gave approval. The Diocesan Board of Consultors also reviewed and approved all of our plans and had a thorough discussion with the Bishop and his advisors.  Our plans and background information are now in the hands of the Vatican, whose approval is required when a Diocese seeks to approve spending of over seven million dollars. Pending that approval (which we are told takes about five weeks) we will be able to begin actual tasks to start the project. Before that we hope to do some very preliminary work removing the top soil from the area where we will build the new church.

This is where we are.  Where we are going is just as exciting!

We hope to begin the project this summer.  It is expected that once we begin the actual construction will take 16-18 months.  In that time, we will have to prepare for the dedication and the other events that surround it. How incredible it is to think that Saint Kilian Parish will celebrate our centennial year in 2017 in our new home!

A Look at Saint Kilian Parish

When church construction is complete, our 32 acre campus in Cranberry Township will include our present Parish Center, a renovated rectory, a church and a maintenance building. Progress photos and video will be posted online here once construction begins.

In the mean time, we invite you to tour our new church via this architectural rendering video featured below:

New Church Floorplan and Features

Site Plan

Projected Costs

Final bids on our new construction have been received and we expect the actual costs to approach $10.5M. The usual practice of the Diocese is to add a contingency amount which brings the total to nearly $11M. In order to avoid rising building costs and to meet ever greater parish needs, we hope to break ground and begin construction early summer, 2015.

While we have achieved significant pledges, contractors must purchase material and pay workers with cash and not pledges. Therefore, we anticipate the need to borrow funds from the Diocese as construction moves forward (at 4% interest). Thus, we are attempting to raise as much in pledges and cash as possible to reduce the debt we will incur. The more we raise now, the less we need to borrow.

We are in need of $2.9M in additional pledges, please click here to find out how you can help build our church! | 724.625.1665 | TO BUILD A CHURCH HOME | SAINT KILIAN PARISH