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Thank you for your interest in Saint Kilian Parish School. Selecting a Catholic school that will meet the goals and dreams of both parents and students is a very important step in the life of a young child as well as his or her family. A school must have the right fit, a sense of being at home. A student must feel comfortable as well as challenged, they must excel in their academic work, and there must be opportunities in athletics and extracurricular activities for them to commit their time and attention to develop their potential.

Saint Kilian Parish School has created a reputation that is second to none as a top preschool and elementary school, as well as a Catholic educational institution of faith. One has only to look at our students to see that Saint Kilian Parish School is the right place for you and your child.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our mission and culture. Complete details regarding admissions and enrollment at SKPS can be found below.

Registration Everything You Need to Know About Admissions

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The Registration / Admissions Process

In an effort to make our enrollment as fair and accessible as possible, Saint Kilian Parish School registration takes place entirely online that generally takes place in late January / early February.

Once your application is completed, tuition deposits are non-refundable.  Parent refund requests will not be considered.  Saint Kilian Parish School only refunds the tuition deposit if the requested grade level is full and we cannot accommodate your child or if Saint Kilian Parish School declines acceptance to your child.

Registration opens at 7:00am SKPS time on the first morning of each phase specified below and closes at 11:59pm on the scheduled phase end date specified below. Forms cannot be submitted without payment verification. Please note that we do not offer paper registration forms or accept cash or checks for tuition deposits. Payment must be made online at the time of form submission via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Forms cannot be submitted without verified payment.

Applicants who do not receive a confirmed spot will be placed on the waitlist in the order of which their original application request was received. There is no charge to waitlist a child; therefore, any paid tuition deposit(s) will be refunded within 30 days.

Saint Kilian Parish School is a ministry of Saint Kilian Parish. The resources to sustain the school are provided by:

  • direct tuition payments of families of enrolled students
  • an annual contribution from the parish
  • general fundraising efforts as well as limited Diocesan assistance in the form of an annual grant

The mission of Saint Kilian Parish School is to provide a quality education in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the tradition of the Catholic Church. Saint Kilian Parish School achieves this mission in direct collaboration with every other ministry of Saint Kilian Parish as well as the mission of goals of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

In light of that mission, Saint Kilian Parish School has established an Admissions and Enrollment policy which seeks to:

  • ensure that class size and composition is appropriate to insure the best possible education in each age group.
  • foster a sufficient enrollment that will provide an appropriate base of students in foster a full and varied program with tuition that is as affordable as possible.
  • establish for the school a community of families committed to utilizing and supporting the school to the full extent of its program.
  • acknowledge the sustaining support of Saint Kilian parishioners as students are accepted into the school.

While Saint Kilian Parish School accepts students from any background or faith tradition, it does so in the light of the above provisions. This means that while as far as possible acceptance into the school is based on objectivity and fairness, the school reserves the right to make decisions regarding admissions and enrollment that best reflects its mission and the provisions above.

Saint Kilian Parish School does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational policies, admission policies, athletic or other school administered programs. All students have the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to all students formally accepted into the school. Students in grades 1 – 8 are not formally accepted until completing a probationary period equivalent to two report periods. Children who are not Catholic are expected to participate in religion classes and to respectfully attend all religious functions of the school.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Mrs. Wioskowski, School Office Manager, or Father Bober, Pastor.

  • Students entering the SKPS Preschool program must be 3 or 4 years of age, respectfully, by September 1 of the school year and must be fully potty trained.
  • Those registering for grades 1-8 must fulfill the age requirement for the desired grade.
  • Grade level and academic group determinations are made on the basis of school records.
  • Students re-enrolling must be in good standing with SKPS (no Administrative Hold or delinquent accounts).


  • Pastor Verification Form has been submitted (if you are Catholic and not a member of Saint Kilian Parish, this form will be provided to you after receiving your re-enrollment form)
  • Up to date immunization record with the required immunizations (required immunization information)
  • Physical Examination Form for students entering Kindergarten and 6th Grade
  • Dental Examination Form for students entering Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, and 7th Grade

Registration details are as follows:

Phase 1: Re-Enrollment
Currently enrolled Saint Kilian Parish School students in good standing.

Re-enrollment opens at 7:00am and closes on 11:59pm.

Current families will login to the Parent Portal where a re-enrollment link will be posted both on the main page and on the Student Dashboard page, to direct the family to the re-enrollment form. Families will need to submit a re-enrollment form for each student who is currently a student at the school.

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $150 per student is required to re-enroll. This tuition deposit will be deducted from the student’s tuition for the 2020 - 21 school year. If the student chooses not to attend Saint Kilian Parish School, the tuition deposit is not refundable.

After you complete the re-enrollment form, you will receive an 'Acknowledgement' email message letting you know your form has been received.  As long as you meet all of the following requirements by the due date specified, then your student's seat for next year will be confirmed:

  • All required documents for the current school year have been provided * if you are missing current year required documents you have been notified 
  • Pastor Verification Form has been submitted (if you are Catholic and not a member of Saint Kilian Parish, this form will be provided to you after receiving your re-enrollment form)
  • Financial account is not past due

Seats that are not confirmed will be offered to waiting list families.

Additionally, confirmed students will NOT be allowed to start school if the following documents are not provided by August 15 of the upcoming school year:

Phase 2: General Registration

Registration for new students begins at 7:00am. All students who are not currently attending Saint Kilian Parish School are invited to register online. Families will need to submit a registration form for each student. A $150 non-refundable tuition deposit per student is required to submit the registration form.

Registration Priorities

When reviewing registrations, Saint Kilian Parish School prioritizes students in the following order:

  1. Currently enrolled students in good standing eligible for re-enrollment.
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. Registered, active parishioners of Saint Kilian Parish
  4. Registered, active parishioners of local Catholic parishes without a school
  5. General community
Saint Kilian Parish School also weighs other factors when reviewing registrations. Examples of these factors include, but are not limited to:

  1. A family’s good standing at the school (for new siblings)
  2. A review of student records and determination if SKPS is best placement for a student with special needs
  3. A family’s commitment to the longevity of Catholic education
Current Families Enrolling New Siblings Please Note
During the registration process, siblings of current students will need to provide their Household ID. This ID can be found on the Parent Portal. Additionally, Catholic parishioners at Saint Kilian Parish or other parishes will need to provide their parish envelope number. This number can be found on the weekly envelopes that are given out by the parish, on the Faith Direct website, or by calling the parish offices. More details for all of these requirements will be specified on the registration form.

Registration Confirmation and Waitlists
All new students who registered will receive either an Acknowlegment Letter (indicating that the student has a reserved seat at Saint Kilian Parish School for the upcoming school year) or a Waitlist Letter indicating that the student has been put on a waitlist for the upcoming school year.

Acknowledgment Letter Information
Families receiving an Acknowledgment letters will have 2 weeks to return required documentation to secure their child's seat for the upcoming school year. Required documentation information and forms will accompany the Acknowledgment Letter (see Required Documentation lists above on this webpage). Once ALL the required documentation and forms have been received and reviewed, your child will receive a confirmed seat for the school year and you will receive a formal Confirmation letter. Failure to return ALL the required documentation and forms by the due date will result in forfeiture of your child's reserved seat as well as the $150 non-refundable tuition deposit for the upcoming school year.

Waitlist Letter Information
If a student has been waitlisted, the $150 non-refundable tuition deposit will be refunded within 30 days.

While it is our desire to accommodate all families and students, once a grade levels capacity is full, registration for that grade will close and parents trying to register their child will be redirected to the waitlist for that grade. We only take 20 prospective students per waitlist. Once 20 prospects have waitlisted, the waitlist will be closed entirely. There is no fee to add your name to the waitlist.

Should you register a child during our registration period and receive a letter that your child has been waitlisted, your registration fee will be refunded within 30 days.

If your child is on a waitlist, please understand this is because our enrollment is full. There is no guarantee a spot will open and we encourage you to make other arrangements for the school year. A spot would only become available to a waitlisted child if an enrolled child forfeited their confirmed seat. While this does happen from time to time as people move, etc., there is no guarantee and we cannot speculate on this matter.

Waitlisted families need not contact our office to check in as we will be unable to provide information regarding where you are on the waitlist, how many people are ahead of you on a waitlist, or provide speculation as to whether we feel a spot will open for you. We are committed to contact you the second a spot becomes available.

Should your child be placed on our waitlist, we invite you to explore the many other wonderful Catholic schools the Diocese of Pittsburgh has to offer. Please click here for area school listings in our Diocese

Schedule a Prospective Family Private Tour

We are always happy to meet with prospective families and students and discuss all that our school has to offer.

SKPS offers individual and/or small group tours throughout the school year to accommodate each family's individual needs while witnessing learning in action on a typical school day at SKPS. Tours for new families inquiring for enrollment for the upcoming school year are offered each year starting in the October prior. Parents can click here to schedule a tour. We thank you for your interest in SKPS and look forward to welcoming your family very soon!

In an effort to provide a non-disruptive learning environment for our student body, Saint Kilian Parish School does not currently offer a "shadow day" experience for prospective students.

Tuition and Tuition Assistance

Please select from the following for information:

Families choosing to pay in full before July 15, 2020 will receive a 2% discount off of their tuition. Families choosing to pay monthly must pay through the Parent Portal beginning on July 15, 2020 and ending on April 15, 2021 (10 payments beginning on July 15, 2020).

Grades K - 8 Catholic Non-Catholic**
1st Child $5300.00 $6200.00
2nd Child $4030.00 $6200.00
3rd Child $2760.00 $6200.00
4th Child $0.00 $6200.00
**Non-Catholic K - 8 students are not subject to the gift card fundraising requirement or Kilian Credit.
Preschool* Catholic Non-Catholic
Three Year Old $1575.00 $1575.00
Four Year Old $2020.00 $2020.00
*Preschoolers who are the 4th+ child enrolled at SKPS qualify for free tuition.
Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid may be available. Please click here for complete details, and an application, from The Diocese of Pittsburgh. Please note the deadline to apply for the 2020-21 school year is March 15, 2020.

Please know that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We ask that you contact Debra Wioskowski, the School Office Manager, at 724.625.1665 x2101 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding financial aid or any administrative processing fees should they pose a hardship.

The total SKPS fundraising goal for 2020 - 2021 is $425,000. We are always humble when requesting such generous financial support from the families of SKPS and truly appreciate your past support and anticipate your ongoing efforts to help make our school the best it can be for you and your children.

As is the case with all schools operating within the Diocese of Pittsburgh, tuition covers only a portion of a school's operating budget. The rest of the operating budget comes from a funding model determined by the Diocese: 60% - Tuition and Fees | 25% - Parish Subsidy | 10% - Fundraising | 5% - Other Sources

Per Child Breakdown

Families will be invoiced for the 2020-21 school year via the parent portal in June, 2020 for the following:

  • Tuition - which now includes the gift card goal with applicable credits applied for rebates earned and calculated for May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021. Payment terms are based on 10 monthly installments or single payment term with a 2% discount.
  • Kilian Credit - $300 per family for grades K-8 OR $100 per family for preschool only families.
  • Single Payment Discount Bonus - The entire tuition invoice can receive the single payment discount of 2%. If a family chooses the single payment option, they will receive credit against their 2021-22 tuition or a check to apply to tuition at any Catholic high school for your student during the 2021-22 school year.

Earning Gift Card Tuition Rebates
SKPS offers a program through which your family can earn tuition rebates based on gift card purchases. By purchasing gift cards at the school office during normal business hours or through the online Scrip program, SKPS receives rebates that can be directly applied to a family's tuition. The percentage listed on the gift card order form for each vendor is used to calculate the rebate you can earn towards your family's tuition. Click here for full details regarding the program.

Beginning May 1, 100% of all rebates earned through April 30 will be applied toward your current year tuition invoice on a monthly bases.  If you have purchased gift cards from May 1 - June 3, 2020, your yearly tuition total will be reduced by that rebate amount.  Each subsequent month, your rebates will be tallied and appear as a credit against that month’s invoice.

Please note gift card rebates must be designated to a family at the time of purchase and are not transferable or refundable under any circumstances.

Kilian Credit
Saint Kilian Parish School has established a Kilian Credit program for fundraising. Families with students in grades K – 8, paying the Catholic rate, are billed $300 per family. All families with only preschool students are billed $100 per family. During the year, certain Saint Kilian fundraising events will be announced as Kilian Credit eligible. SKPS families may then purchase admission to these eligible events using their Kilian Credit (not to exceed the value of what you were invoiced.)

  • These credits are not redeemable for anything other than admission to these events.
  • There is no prepayment discount for the Kilian Credit as there is with tuition.
  • Kilian Credit is valid for events through June 30 of the current school year.
  • Any unused amount is forfeited and cannot be rolled over.
  • You will be provided with tax documentation for any unused amount of your Kilian credit (501(c)(3) charitable donation).

During the school year, the value of your Kilian Credit is the total you paid ($100 preschool or $300 K-8th grade), less any admissions you purchased using your credit. Should the admission price be higher than your Kilian Credit balance, you will be invoiced the difference or will have the opportunity to pay via credit card at the time of registration. SKPS periodically communicates your remaining balance during the school year.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information

  • Why does registration take place online?
    It is the aim of online registration to make the process as accessible to all wishing to enroll. This ensures our working parents, stay at home parents, and traveling parents all have an equal opportunity for enrollment, keeps parents from feeling the need to form lines in the parking lot before school hours in cold temperatures, and allows our school to run normally on registration days.

  • What happens if i am in the middle of my form and need to take a break or leave for some reason?
    It is possible to save your form progress and return to finish the form later without losing your work. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the form and click the button that allows you to save and return later. The form will then email you a link in which to return to your form later. When you re-visit your form, please be aware that you will need to re-enter the verification email, signature and credit card information before it will allow you to submit the form - it does not save this information when you use this feature for security purposes. If you try to submit your saved form and cannot, this is why - recheck the form that all fields are complete.

  • I completed my form but it will not submit.
    The form requires all fields are completed and that payment is made and verified in order for it to submit. If you do not fill out all fields, your form will not submit. If you do not enter all credit card information or sign the form, it will not submit. If you enter everything but your credit card is declined or invalid, it will not submit. Forms that do not submit are not sent to the school office, we will have no record of your registration request. Please double check your form information for accuracy and try again. If you continue to have a problem, please save your form and email the generated saved form link to the Help Desk and contact Debra Wioskowski, the School Office Manager, at 724.625.1665 x2101 for additional assistance.

  • How many seats are available by grade?
    We do not post capacity or availability. Availability will be provided to each registrant during each phase. When you go to enroll during your phase and click on the provided link, you will either be redirected to the registration form if there is still availability, redirected to the waitlist if enrollment is full but the waitlist has not yet reached 15 prospective students, or redirected to a notification that registration and the waitlist is full. As our registration takes place online and fills quickly, it is impossible for us to keep the current availability up to date on our website as this is happening. As grades and waitlist close, we will post this status on the top of this page.

    We are also committed to keeping families together and having the necessary space available during the registration process to take siblings of current students prior to offering seats to other parishioners and the community.

  • My child is a returning student, don't you already have this information on file?
    Yes, we do keep all information on file in our student database. However, we have found that many parents do not keep their student and family records up to date via the portal or by notifying the school office when changes to their personal information occurs. By requiring all parents to provide this information for each child at registration, we ensure our data is accurate on an annual basis.

  • I am concerned about getting my child in the morning/afternoon preschool class, how can I ensure my child gets my preference?
    You will be noting your preference for morning or afternoon preschool on the registration form. We try very hard to honor preferences to the best of our ability in the order in which they are received. However, when assembling our preschool class rosters, we do have to take into account genders, birth dates and personalities to ensure well balanced classes that allow for optimal learning environment for all our preschoolers. Additionally, currently enrolled 3 year old preschoolers who request re-enrollment in our 4 year old program will be assigned to the same AM or PM class time in which they are currently enrolled (ie: students in 3 year old AM who re-enroll will be placed in 4 year old AM and students in 3 year old PM who re-enroll will be placed in 4 year old PM). Please contact the school office if you would like to request otherwise in the event a space becomes available in the alternate time.

  • I do not have a credit card for payment or I need special assistance.
    Please contact our school office in advance of your registration phase for instructions.

  • What happens if my computer acts up or I have a problem the day of registration?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with computer problems you may have and will be taking enrollments in the order in which they are received. It is always good to have a backup plan (perhaps a parent or family member with another computer available if yours suddenly crashes or you are experiencing technical difficulties). Our online forms are thoroughly tested on a variety of platforms, computers, devices, and browsers in advance for accuracy and ease.
If your question was not answered above, we are here to help!
Please contact Debra Wioskowski, the School Office Manager, at 724.625.1665 x2101 for assistance.